A Community Blossoms in Fox Point

At the entrance of the Fox Point Community Garden in Providence, a painted sign greets guests: “Welcome visitors! You can pick your friends, you can pick your nose, but please don’t pick our veggies.” Inside, gardeners Anastasia Azure and Michael Soucy kneel over plot 75 of 127, brandishing clippers against tall winter rye grass. Azure and Soucy are two of about 100 members of the Fox Point Community Garden (FPCG), and they consider themselves lucky. “There’s a pretty big waitlist,” says Azure.

Practitioner in Residence Roberta Powell Tackles Healthcare Numeracy Challenges

Roberta Powell’s career began in finance and administration for the transportation industry. However, in 2005, a breast cancer diagnosis inspired her to get a nursing degree from Rhode Island College, and she later became a Certified Diabetes Educator. After several years working as a nurse educator, she realized that patients’ poor numeracy skills significantly impeded their ability to comply with their healthcare needs.

Mindfulness Through Music and Movement: SIF Kate Reed’s Vision of Musical Prosthetics

Last year, when looking at her resume, Kate Reed noticed a pattern: time and time again, the design projects she worked on incorporated a desire to create a positive social impact. First, there was the 3-D-printed wheelchair attachment. Next, there were floating dodecahedron orbs that guided users through a Tai Chi routine. Now, there are musical prosthetics, which Reed is developing this year through the Swearer Center’s Social Innovation Fellowship.